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All GoGo® Comfy Leashes are 10% off. Made from top-quality materials, each leash comes with a lifetime warranty. Leashes feature comfy, padded handles and a scissor clasp to keep dogs secure. Convenient D-ring near the leash handle is ideal for attaching a Poop 'n Go® dispenser. Available in four width sizes, 4' and 6' lengths and seven popular colors: Hunter Green, Red, Purple, Orange, Blue, Pink and Black. The 1" x 4' and 1" x 6' are now available in pink. Order matching Poop 'n Go Waste Bag Dispensers to match your Leash selections. Click here to order at 10% off.

6" XL Bully Stick

Item #: 11001-XL

HOT DEAL! GoGo® 6" & 12" Extra Large Bully Sticks are 10% off! Top quality extra large sticks at competitive prices. Click here , stock up and save!

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30 pack Gridlock Adhesive

Item #: 13005

GoGo® Gridlock puppy training pads are well known for their superior quality. During the month of February, save 5% on all Adhesive Gridlock Pads. These premium quality pads channel moisture away from the surface and return to dryness in seconds. A special scent attracts a pet, making housetraining easy. The advanced technology antibacterial polymer absorbs and traps liquids, and the leak-proof plastic lining and sealed edges prevent damage to floors and carpets and ensures easy clean up. GridLock™ Housetraining Pads absorb over 100 times their weight in liquid and still stay dry. Click here and stock up at sale prices.

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Box - 16 Pack Citrus Scent Royal Blue Refill Rolls

Item #: 13546

The new Poop 'n Go® 16 pack boxes are Sustainable to the Core! Available in a refreshing citrus scent or unscented and in blue and black bags. The 16-roll matchbox style display box has a slide-out tray and is an ideal counter display for impulse purchases. Each roll has a UPC for impulse purchase tracking. Large 9" x 13" bags are extra durable, thick and leak proof. Click here to order and save 15% per box.

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GoGo Anti-Ant No-Tip Dish - 16oz

Item #: 13629

GoGo® Anti-Ant Dishes are 10% off! The uniquely designed dishes are 99% effective at keeping ants out of food and water. Ant season is approaching - stock up now! Offered in five sizes ranging from 8 oz. to 64 oz. Click here to view all varieties of GoGo pet dishes.

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GoGo Single Row Flea Comb

Item #: 13708

Prepare for flea season! Save 10% on Single and Double Row Flea Combs, Palm Flea Combs and Plastic Flea Combs. Stock up now! Click here to see the full GoGo® grooming tool line.

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12oz Medium Teeth Treats

Item #: 11802

Ilio Dentals™ Teeth Treats™ contain no wheat, corn or soy - a gluten-free treat that dogs love. The patented, unique shape is completely digestible and helps to freshen breath and remove tartar buildup. Save 20% of 12 oz. bags (extra small, small, medium and large). Click here and order!

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