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Box - 16 Pack Citrus Scent Black Citrus Refill Rolls

  • The new line of Poop 'n Go® pet waste bags is "sustainable to the core!"  Created from 100% eco-friendly materials, including the core!

    A generous 16-roll pack is housed in a matchbox-style display box.  The display's slide out tray is ideal for counter display and impulse merchandising.  Each 15-bag roll has a generic UPC for inventory tracking.  Sell as individual rolls and as a 16-pack box.

    You and your customers are sure to enjoy the refreshing, cool Citrus Scent of the Black bags with the GoGo® dog design!

    - Black Citrus Scented rolls with GoGo® dog graphics

    - Nature-friendly packaging

    - Matchbox style display box holds 16 refill rolls

    - Large 9" x 13" leak-proof bags

    - 16 refill rolls per box or 240 bags per display box

    - Perforated for a quick, easy tear



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